Privacy Policy


Personal information, example: name, date of birth, gender, e-mail, postal/delivery address, telephone/mobile number
Usernames and Passwords for our website,
Payment information, example: bank-account details, credit or debit card number, such other payment-platforms,
Educational/Employment background
Interests and Communication preferences,Comments and Feedbacks.
Information collected automatically


At Watch N Clicks
We use your given data for enabling us to contemplate your requests to deliver you with the services and information obtainable at our platform,
We use it to manage the accounts on our platform
We use it for inspecting and executing monetary dealings,
We use it for auditing the data from our website,
We use it for improving the design and/or page-content on our platform and, so, alter them for you,
We use it for detecting users/visitors on our platform,
We use it for carrying out research on statistical data pertaining to footfall on our platform,
We use it for sending information we deem you have requested or may find worthy.


Watch N Clicks may use/disclose information collected automatically for purposes serving business of Watch N Clicks, except where restricted by applicable law
Information collected automatically will be considered, by Watch N Clicks, as Personal Information if combined with the same, and
We may, additionally, use generic information for purposes of business of Watch N Clicks, nevertheless, such information does not specify persons/users and, thus, will not be considered to be personal information.


Watch N Clicks is backed by infallibly secure system which engulfs security not only for Watch N Clicks but for the enrollees’ personal/other information, as well. This ensures that the information entrusted to Watch N Clicks is neither accessible to nor misused/misappropriated by anyone.

Watch N Clicks has been prepped to only require essential information and to secure the enrollee to have the best experience with piece in mind with respect to their provided information.

Furthermore, Watch N Clicks acquires information through and to secured and firewalled servers as to deter loss of information intended to reach Watch N Clicks only.

Additionally, Watch N Clicks ensures that information requested is not handed without prior proof of identity, as per dictations of regulations of Watch N Clicks, provided by the requestee upon all such requests.

Watch N Clicks assumes that the enrollee, too, will secure the data from their end. Doing such, enrollee must never share their usernames and passwords, bank account details, and all such information which may put enrollee at risk to fraud, theft, or likes, with non-essential persons


Where deemed necessary Watch N Click may share your name and address with delivery-party hired by Watch N Clicks as far as mailing services are to be undertaken.
If address or contact information is to be changed, enrollee must promptly update the same as to curb delaying/misleading the service undertaken by Watch N Clicks.

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