Our Modules

At Watch N Clicks, earning money is connected to the time, consistency, effort and hard work that is put in by the hired-hands. Here, you earn according to your plan and package. You decide and do what you find easy, and according to that you get results.

Let them feel your presence through trial

Our online marketing solutions designed for clients, are made to help you, too. We help businesses, while you watch yourself grow. Get comfortable, understand the work, so that you can see what it will be like.

Basic Subscription

Basic Subscription allows you to work on what you have learned on trial. This has 1000rs Fee, which includes

  • Documentation fee
  • Portal Maintenance fee
  • Support fee

Upgrade Unlimited Earnings

Upgrade is offered for people who want to increase their earnings to their own scale. This has 1000rs Fee, which includes;

  • Affiliation Fee
  • Documentation Fee
  • Portal Maintenance Fee
  • 24/7 Support Fee
  • After upgrade, make your own future!

General Questions

We are always there to support our customers.Go through our FAQs

  • Can you tell me more about your business?
    • WatchNClicks is an Online Marketing and Job Platform. We offer simple and upgraded accounts. Simple accounts include click-based jobs. Upgraded accounts offer reputed complex jobs. Upgrade option is enabled/gets on after completion of 3 days work through Subscription account.
  • I have started watching ads and I have earned money. Now how I can withdraw this money?
    • You can simply withdraw your money by clicking on the 'payout' button on the left side of your dashboard, and following the steps mentioned there.
  • Can we withdraw the money in the trial package?
    • No, the trial period is meant to make the user familiar with the system and its working.
  • How to start work?
    • On Trial, you will directly come across the dashboard when you login, on your left the option of 'start trial'. You can start there. Process is the same for a Subscribed account.
  • how can i subscribe
    • Once you have created the signed up account, you can click on the Subscribe button on the left of your dashboard and fill the form. When the subscription requirements mentioned in the form are met, subscription will be activated.
  • What services do you offer?
    • As a digital platform, we offer two things. If you are a publisher, you can market your brands. If you are a user, and are here to earn, you can perform simple tasks to earn on Subscription, or after the upgrade is offered to you, you can upgrade your account and do various types of jobs.
  • No package detail available on your website?
    • In the beginning, the only package offered is of the basic type. Once you have passed the time of a week, you can begin to subscribe to bigger packages.
  • What is the Subscription plan and why it is essential?
    • Subscription plan is the option you take, so that you can work and earn money. What you see in free trial is to get you comfortable with the system, and then after subscription you can actually earn.
  • Can I eat through just watching ads?
    • You can work so easily at WatchNClicks, that you can actually eat through the tasks while you wait for the next one (in basic package).
  • I have watched 100 ads. What do I do now?
    • If you have completed, just wait for the session to get refreshed on the next date. Then, you can continue with your work the same way. If you are on trial, then it is given to you so that you can understand how the portal works, and you can not withdraw the amount you see on your dashboard. If you subscribe, you can get yourself a membership and get paid for the work after every 14 days.